Machine tool industry into the fast lane keep assist developing subdivision location

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              2010, although the global economy showed "hot and cold" trend, but has a "workhorses" of the international machine tool industry began to recover significantly. Especially after China's machine tool industry to promote the localization of equipment, support equipment manufacturing enterprises to export and other countries has become increasingly shaping strategy, China has been the development of equipment manufacturing industry in the world as if he pulled into the fast lane.

              China machine tool industry and solve problems, learn and go beyond power, which is the realistic portrayal of China's machine tool industry. China's machine tool industry constantly needs to industry segments positioned to further improve the machine tool industry.

              Manufacturing and service boundaries increasingly vague, it is apparent. More intimate contact. The positioning of the machine tool industry should not be merely the equipment manufacturing industry, it should be a blend of manufacturing and service industries. Industry executives Contemplative episodes great changes. Pay more attention to changes in relationships with customers,

              Machine tool users prices higher than the cost of business, just to deepen understanding of customer needs, product innovation suspension for, and effectiveness of talent to win the market and enable firms to obtain subsistence and development.

              Machine tool industry is manufacturing supply goods manufacturing interest, the experts believe that the consumption of intermediate inputs should be sex industry, which not only deal with consumer products supply a tailored, but rather should be an overall optimization disposal plan, a "product - serve" packages. It must have a wealth of attributes and user-centric marketing concept change. It is a way of thinking connotations. The Shenyang Machine Tool will produce nearly 40 years as a modification of a machine PTT automatic machines. This is not just a product optimization. With the use of high-performance machine category continues to expand, because the machine enters mass production of wealth. Beginners feasibility jobs or Britain at the end of unmanned remote control to stop the job will become possible, that is, on the level of disposable skilled personnel plea is gradually increased.

              As in recent years in general difficult to find on the market resting force skilled in the art, in theory. So Britain at the end of the equipment proposed training will be able to manipulate complex requests.

              Why the demand for machine tools in those who prefer to retain the system analysis, so it is not hard to understand. Capable of supplying complete systems analysis of enterprise disposal plan "or" supply service of "enterprise.

              Users will be equipped with the machine life cycle within the local, which includes the effect of intact pleading supply and support, and this effect aided engineering activities and corporate functions will occupy a total income equal to the machine part. This will be modified in the machine tool companies sell standard feature alone, because of the cruel collaboration presented consideration be made up of a new low-cost business forms.


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